Corrugated walls for electrical transformers

SARI has automatic and semi-automatic equipment that ensures high standards and respect of dimensional tolerances. We have machines able insert the reinforcing rod in line. We are able to produce corrugated walls with profile “super-wave”, with spot welding and with introduction of the strip.

Of course, all our welds are in compliance with UNI EN 15614-1 / -8 / -11.

maliere ondulateThe packaging for international shipment is performed with special attention to protect the product against rust (with anti-rust oil and nylon) and against damage.

We put the waves one inside the other, as in the figure, to optimize the available space on the truck than the container.

To obtain this packaging, it is necessary that the waves do not have any rod welded or, that there is only one, in case of two rods the arrangement will be normal, stacked one above the other.

Technical sheets

Corrugated metal tables 4 sides

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Corrugated metal tables 1 side

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Corrugated metal tables 4 sides with box structure

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Corrugated metal tables with reinforcements

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