SARI was founded in 1978 by Bortolo Zen as an individual company for the construction of molds and equipment for metal sheet and consequent production of metal parts obtained by cold forming of metal sheets.

The initially activity concentrated in the production of water sinks and boilers has grown rapidly with the production of many particular obtained by molding, specializing, after only a few years of activity, in the production of corrugated metal sheets for electrical transformers.

The experience and capabilities of Zen Bortolo SARI in the construction of molds and equipment for sheet metal processing have allowed to develop SARI s.r.l. a company that since 1996 produces stainless steel tanks and tube bundle heat exchanger. The production of tanks consisting of press lines, calenders, and automatic welding systems enable to respond to the customer requirements quicly ensuring big production quantities.

The Zen Family, constantly present in the company, have also in the near future clear in mind the development and introduction of new production objectives that include new machines and equipement all aimed to acquiring new market areas. It is any how well clear that these new objective will be reached by continuing to improve the quality of the products and continuing also to ensure excellent service to customers always in line with there requirement and expectation.